The Gravel Road New York

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The best career advice I got was: there is no real difference between people who succeed and people who fail. People who succeed have failed just as many times as people who have failed, except they just got up one extra time, dusted themselves off and carried on anyway.

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…aaaand Tom Hanks has his hand caught in a pickle jar.

“You have to let go. No, let go of the PICKLE.”
“But I want a pickle.” 

#sometimes i remember that tom hanks exists and the world seems a better place.

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Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo_ april 26-28_2013.

MP: I told this to Gill when we were in London last year… Skinner had a huge, huge crush on Scully. And that’s why he was so pissed off at Mulder all the time, ‘cause he didn’t have a chance.

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buffy the vampire slayer appreciation week
favourite villain: the gentlemen

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